French Toast At 10:22 PM

Franco in 2007 before we got married. How did I get so lucky?
I love my husband.

It has been an epic week. You know, one of those that you've been waiting forever for and never thought it'd come, but then it does and you can't be any more relieved that it's over?

Franco did well on his test. He got his test scores back immediately and has already talked with a lot of the schools he applied for. We'll see if getting into optometry school is in the cards for us this year.

Meanwhile, Franco is enjoying his  freedom: no more studying!! He finished his bachelor's in Biology last semester and this semester he'll work on finishing his Bachelor's in Spanish. That's right, a double major. I'm tellin ya, he's a super hero. We've been staying up kind of late the past few nights playing Nintendo games we downloaded on the Wii, watching stuff on Netflix instant, and making breakfast at 10 P.M., which is what we did after we returned from the temple last night. Franco makes the best french toast {no joke} so we cooked up some bacon and sausages and cut some fresh fruit with it to enjoy while we watched August Rush {an exquisitely musical movie}. It was a great date night.

Looking forward to what life brings us next!


Distractions No. 03:

Finding and bookmarking fun stuff to make with my over-flowing pile of fabric samples {I have developed a fabric-collecting habit but, ironically, I don't have a sewing machine to use it on!} like these felt hot pads from the purl bee. Beautifully simple.

{test update: 45 minutes. i'm about to jump out of my skin.}

Distractions No. 02:

Post about events from a couple of weeks ago, such as Three Kings Day on January 6. Franco of course was not present due to his constant studying. Each year my family invites a new family to join us for this tradition of slicing the rosca and finding the little babies inside. This year the Trickey family and my brother's good friend Curtis came. As you can tell from the pictures, some people got pretty excited when a baby was found. All three babies were found by the time I got my slice. Phew. Afterwards we enjoyed hot Mexican drinks, champurrado and ponche, and enjoyed some high-quality entertainment from our guests on the guitar.

{test update: 1 hr. 33 minutes to go. but who's counting?}

Distractions No. 01

I'm trying hard not to think that in just two hours Franco will begin taking the optometry admissions test that will probably determine the rest of our lives...needless to say I'm welcoming any distractions at the moment.

Like this one:
French party for a 1-yr-old. Via You Are My Fave & HM Photography


Troxel Family Pictures

Still catching up on happenings over the holidays last year. I surrendered the computer to Franco to use to study every day, so I've been holding off on editing/uploading/posting for a couple of weeks.

A couple days before New Year's, I did a family photoshoot involving 17 people. It wasn't as crazy as it sounds. Mostly because I had my friend Jenea come with me. She suggested a lot of good shots and most importantly, she let me use her camera! I have got to get a camera of my own. Anyways, we went to the orchards where we took our family photos and it worked out like a dream.

Here are some of my favorite shots.